Deep Springs Trout Club, located in Chardon, Ohio , was founded in 1963 by Joseph Montagna. He was first introduced to this property in the early 1960s by its owner, Mr. Floyd Hopkins, who had hoped to one day start a Trout Club on the premises. Joe was captivated by the beauty of the scenery on this 65-acre parcel of land with its two-acre lake and meandering half-mile stream. Mr. Hopkins also had the foresight to recognize the intrinsic value of the spring water and what an important natural resource it is.

The crystal clear springs are the result of an aquifer of porous stone called Sharon Conglomerate which filters the water under the property. This organic filtration renders the water free of impurities including phosphates and iron, making the resulting mineral water one of the property’s most unique assets. Also, the temperature and ph of the water offer an environment perfect for trout to live and thrive.

Spring water can be purchased for 25 cents a gallon at the well sight. The general public can fill up the water in their own containers or buy plastic jugs sold at the clubhouse for 65 cents a piece. The water is checked regularly for purity by the Geauga County Health Department. The water testing results are posted at the clubhouse for viewing.

When Mr. Hopkins passed away, Joe purchased the property from his family. With no previous experience, Joe and his wife, Beate, set about opening up a Trout Club. It grew from the humble beginnings of a few members and no restaurant into a reputable a reputation as a dining and sport fishing destination with over 350 members.

Deep Springs Trout Club has gone through numerous renovations of the property, facilities, and menu.  The original clubhouse had only four tables which could hold a maximum of 10 people for dinner. After numerous expansions and the addition of a greenhouse dining area, the clubhouse can now seat 65 people, and the construction of a screened-in gazebo this past summer offers club members more seating and another dining experience.

In the beginning, Bea was not only the chef but also the waitress and clean up crew. Over the years, the menu has blossomed from offering hamburgers and soup to a full-fledged gourmet experience. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the club has some of the best food to be found in northeast Ohio . Not only is trout prepared a dozen different ways, but a variety of steaks, chops, chicken, pasta, and seafood dishes are offered. The dining experience at Deep Springs is unparalleled.

The Trout Club grounds have also undergone continual upgrading with the addition of a second lake and beautiful landscaping. The lake is stocked with rainbow trout for club members to catch.

Bea and Joe’s son, Tom Montagna, helped out at the club on weekends and in the summer from the time he was ten. Tom is now the General Manager. He and a staff of over 15 run the day-to-day operations of the club, in addition to maintaining the grounds, selling spring water, and monitoring the lake and the trout habitat.

The Deep Springs Trout Club recipe for success has always been to offer the members home-cooked meals served by friendly, attentive, and professional staff in a picturesque country setting where members can cast a fly to a rising trout or just relax and enjoy the scenic surroundings. At the heart of this business is the clean, pure spring water which was the catalyst for creating Deep Springs Trout Club. And, if the heart of Deep Springs is its water, then the soul of Deep Springs most certainly is the family operating this unique business, as well as the staff working there, and the members who have become like an extended family to Joe, Bea, and Tom.
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